The Picis Line – Q2 2020

Message from Marcus  Please let me begin with the hope that everyone reading this and those closest to them remain healthy and safe.  In these tumultuous times, that has to be our highest priority!  Much has changed in the world and the world of healthcare since our last newsletter.  As we all search for ways […]

The Picis Line – Q1 2020

Message from Marcus  My wife and I are empty nesters; our youngest left for college back in August and we are still adjusting to a new reality. With FaceTime, we actually “see” our kids pretty frequently so it’s not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. When I first started in my role at Picis, […]

The Picis Line – Q4 2019

Message from Marcus  Like a lot of people, I don’t really follow the NBA super closely until the spring rolls around.  It’s hard to track 30 teams over 82 games, even for a basketball fan like me.  Recently, though, a story came to the forefront that really struck me.  An NBA star, who shall remain […]

The Picis Line – Q3 2019

Message from Marcus  I grew up the youngest of 3 boys in the 70’s.  I remember when I was a kid (many, many, many years ago), when the doorbell would ring, we all came running to the door.  It was a surprise when someone came calling – even if ultimately it was just a sales […]

The Picis Line – Q2 2019

Message from Marcus  A few weeks ago, I made a visit to our office in Barcelona.  While the trip there is a bit long, I absolutely love visiting our staff there.  About a third of our entire team works from our Barcelona office, the bulk of them working in our Research & Development group. Each […]

The Picis Line – Q1 2019

Message from Marcus  As you may know, I help coach a high school basketball team in my free time. I absolutely love it, as imparting life lessons to young men using basketball as the vehicle is a huge passion for me.  Coaches and teams have shaped me throughout my life.  There is such amazing power […]

The Picis Line – December 2018

Message from Marcus  Happy Holidays!!! As I write this, I am sitting in the Boston airport, waiting for my final flight of 2018!!  I have flown a great deal this year, so the prospect of this being my last flight is quite wonderful.  Many folks will be heading to and traveling through airports in the […]

The Picis Line – November 2018

Message from Marcus    As we head into “holiday season” it is always a natural time to look back on the year.  I like to reflect on the big picture more than I actually get to, so I’m grateful for the holidays – this time is a great reminder to slow down and think! 2018 […]

The Picis Line – October 2018

Message from Marcus    I spend a LOT of time on airplanes (in fact I’m writing this on a flight!).  Air travel has changed over the last several years.  With airlines charging for checked luggage, people now gather up prior to boarding to jockey for position to get on sooner.  The thinking is, if I […]

The Picis Line – September 2018

Message from Marcus    As many of you know, after my military service, I spent time in education and coaching. I have taught students in Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and one year, I even taught 7th and 8th grade math. Having raised two children through middle school, I am quite familiar with […]

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