PACU Manager

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With PACU care software, you can focus on your patients without sacrificing detailed documentation

Stay alert to the subtle cues patients send as they recover from their procedures while PACU Manager compiles and considers the data collected by your individual medical devices. While you notice nuances and respond with hands-on care, your PACU care software platform displays procedures that support your workflow, add to your patients’ living record, and helps you respond to patterns in their data.

As the people in charge of ensuring patients’ conditions are normalizing, seeing as much information as you can from their baselines through their responses to treatments is vital. PACU Manager makes you an integral part of your patients’ journey.

Key features:

  • Collect medical device data automatically
  • See records the way you want to via editable case templates
  • Jump off from or edit best-practice assessment findings, standard scores, and treatment documentation, including care documentation prompting
  • Cut out manual math work with flowing fluid management and informed by device data
  • See and contribute to the big picture with patient records that span the perioperative software suite
  • Cut down on manual reporting with dynamically generated operational and quality reports
Picis - Automatic data collection icon

Automatic data collection of important patient information

  • Collect patient information from PACU monitors, ventilators, laboratory systems, hospital information systems (HIS) and other medical devices
  • Spend less time charting and more time on direct patient care
Picis - Contiguous data icon

Contiguous data throughout the perioperative environment

  • Share a single comprehensive patient record and handoff report amongst nurses and physicians while permitting unique, intuitive views appropriate for each discipline
  • Improve the transfer of communications and support quality assurance efforts through enhanced data integration in the PACU record
Picis - Best practice workflows icon

Best practice perioperative standard content

  • Utilize standard pre-configured content
  • Optimized best practice workflows that can dramatically reduce utilization of a hospital's clinical and IT resources during implementation timeframe
Picis - Patient care documentation standards icon

Support for patient care documentation standards

  • Access to standard care protocols—including key assessments, treatments, scores, laboratory results and medications
  • Establish procedure-based recovery protocols that prompt staff to document necessary assessments, interventions, and requirements throughout the PACU stay
  • Increase compliance with regulatory requirements and minimize liability exposure with problem-oriented charting, nursing practice guideline or nursing diagnosis format and opt to chart by exception
Picis - Fluid management icon

Clear visibility to fluids and medications

  • Automatically records and displays fluids and medications documentation
  • Integrates with intravenous pumps helping to provide near real time information for informed decision making
  • Quickly and easily calculates and displays a fluid balance summary, at the touch of a button
  • Correlate hemodynamic parameters with narcotics administration and the pain score
Picis - Configurable views icon

Configurable views support specialized care delivery

  • Modify screen layouts, data presentation and reports to meet the needs of any specialized care delivery requirement—from neonatal and pediatric to adult care
  • Supports patient type documentation templates and views that can be organized to recover a simple or complex case over an extended period of time
Picis - Enhanced communication icon

Enhanced communication promotes multidisciplinary patient care

  • Enable clinicians to view patient information simultaneously from different locations.
  • Help enhance patient surveillance, avoid unnecessary delays and promote the multidisciplinary approach to patient care
  • Transfer important information seamlessly to the Picis SmarTrack patient tracking module—allowing family members, care providers and administrators to proactively and automatically receive updates about patient status and location