ASC Solution

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Single software source to efficiently operate your Ambulatory Surgery Center

The ASC Software Solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing software and workflow or support a new facility to provide one source to manage all of your patient care needs.

What’s Included:

Scheduling Icon Scheduling

Case Costing Icon Case Costing

Materials Management Icon Materials Management

Patient Accounting Icon Patient Accounting

Clearinghouse Services Icon Clearinghouse Services

Registration Icon Registration

Implants / Explants Icon Implants / Explants

Preference Cards Icon Preference Cards

Accreditation / Credentialing Icon Accreditation / Credentialing

Variance Reports Icon Variance Reports

Survey Manager Icon Survey Manager

Anesthesia Billing Icon Anesthesia Billing

Electronic Health Record Icon Electronic Health Record

Patient Portal Icon Patient Portal

What's included in the Experior Suite

ASC Solution

Single data source to efficiently operate your ASC


Practice Management Solution

Everything to support a healthy practice excel