Integrating Electronic Anesthesia Documentation with Meditech
May 31, 2022

Picis Anesthesia Manager is an Anesthesia Information Management System designed to assist anesthesia care professionals in completely and accurately charting a patient’s progress throughout the surgical encounter, from preop to intraop and through PACU.

For 20+ years, Meditech customers have benefitted from leveraging Picis electronic anesthesia documentation, as part of a comprehensive perioperative automation solution. Hospitals see real value by having a complete, defendable, accurate and legible record of the surgical experience. With our deep Meditech history, Picis has spent years integrating with Meditech sites from our initial MedSurg (MSM) perioperative platform to our current complete perioperative solution, Picis has demonstrated our unique ability to enhance a facilities investment in their EMR.

Picis Anesthesia is fully integrated with all major EHRs including MEDITECH and works with most OR systems. Additionally, Anesthesia Manager connects seamlessly with any monitoring device or anesthesia machine to capture and present all device data, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate their time on patient care.