Tuesdays with Theresa Webinar: Forms Builder
March 2, 2021

Join Theresa and special guests from our Professional Services team, Noel Dion and Matt Miller for a session reviewing best practices to utilize Forms Builder. The Forms Builder module will allow users to create, customize and execute printout models and model settings within Picis clinical products including: Preop Manager, Anesthesia Manager, PACU Manager and Critical Care Manager.

With Forms Builder:

  • No need to use 3rd party components
  • Printout files (.ini and excel) will not be stored on the local workstation
  • Control of your own printouts
  • Better control of data overflow and number of pages that a printout will utilize
  • All printout models are stored in the Careman Database (Printout Models)
  • CPS (Picis Central Print Service) is no longer needed since printing will use natively installed printers managed by your IT departments
  • Create custom query library to add user defined data to the printouts
  • Ability to Print Preview prior to printing form (view form before printing)