Reducing Clinician Burnout by Improving Documentation Practices

You are nearing the end of your 4th consecutive 12-hour shift (more like 13-14 by the time documentation is done) in the ICU.  You don’t usually work more than 3 consecutive days, but due to staff shortages and the recent uptick in COVID call-ins, you agreed to help your colleagues.  Mr. Smith’s family has just […]

Opportunities for Improving Communication and Documentation

As I was thinking about the topic for this month’s TWT, SmarTrack (ST) and SmarTrack Next (STN) came to mind because they are the communication hubs of the Picis portfolio. While preparing the presentation for this session I started thinking of the word “communication” and what that really means in the hospital setting. There are […]

Goodbye Whiteboards, Hello Intelligent, Web-Based Patient Tracking

I recently visited an OR that was not utilizing Picis software and saw a dry-erase marker whiteboard on the wall that was most likely implemented 30 years ago. During this visit, I witnessed the long process of a staff member attempting to track a patient’s care, schedule additional staff and identify important notes that needed […]

Five Things We Learned from Attending the MUSE Inspire Conference

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the International MUSE Inspire Conference which was held at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX. Like many events, the MUSE Inspire Conference took a hiatus during the peak(s) of the pandemic. Picis’ attendance at MUSE was an opportunity to focus on creating further awareness of our Anesthesia […]

Lessons Learned About Remote Implementations During the Pandemic

COVID has changed a lot of things for all of us over the past two years. For many, family gatherings were either postponed indefinitely or turned into virtual events. For some, grocery shopping went from visiting a store to shopping via an application with delivery either to their front door or to their trunk, and […]