LYNX I/Point

Compliant and Consistent Charging Solution for Hospital-Owned Infusion and Oncology Treatement Centers

The current economic environment is one of the most challenging the healthcare industry has faced in decades. Hospital boards are looking for stronger financial margins; payers are demanding strict compliance with charging guidelines; RAC auditors are in full force with an aggressive examination on infusion services administration. Picis LYNX I/Point™ was specifically designed to address the challenges faced by hospital-owned infusion and oncology treatment centers. I/Point helps these organizations meet their revenue challenges by identifying when when professional and facility (technical) visit levels need to be calculated. Payer compliance concerns are addressed with LYNX’s proven visit-level algorithm which assigns value to provided services in accordance with facility resource use.

Improving Compliance. Achieving Consistency. Boosting Confidence.

With rapidly changing healthcare regulations, probing payer audits and investigations have become a permanent part of the outpatient industry. Healthcare facilities need a consistent charging strategy across all outpatient operations. I/Point meets this challenge by providing focused support for infusion and oncology treatment centers; it works with Picis LYNX E/Point and PICIS LYNX C/Point to build a comprehensive charging strategy that is needed in today’s environment of fiscal scrutiny. I/Point puts The Power of Certainty™ in your infusion and oncology treatment center.

I/Point key features include:

  • Consistency across outpatient operations. Uses the LYNX clinic visit-level algorithm to calculate facility visit levels; the LYNX professional charging algorithm1 for professional visit levels; the LYNX infusion algorithm automatically calculates charges for infusions and injections.
  • Intuitive infusion service user interface. Users focus on recording the basic elements of the infusion regimen. No need to memorize initial, primary, sequential and concurrent infusion service rules.
  • Chemotherapy Agent Support. The LYNX chemotherapy infusion algorithm and advanced drug formulary support the complex charging rules for the administration of chemotherapy agents.
  • Procedure charge capture. Charges associated with additional procedures provided to the patient can be captured and sent to the hospital’s billing system.
  • ICD-9 coding. Ability to capture patient diagnosis promotes chart thoroughness and consistency between facility and charging operations.
  • Client-based administration. Facilities can designate an on-site administrator to perform routine maintenance and customization without assistance from LYNX.

Flexible and Scalable Deployment

I/Point is constructed with a scalable application architecture that accommodates a single hospital to a large Integrated Delivery Network (IDN). Our flexible deployment options do not require any special adjustments to existing IT infrastructure.

  • Web-based: Users access I/Point directly with a wide selection of supported browsers
  • Integrated: Users interact with existing systems; I/Point’s features are utilized in the background with our open API.

Preserves Existing Investments

LYNX clients often have specialized, existing software and systems. I/Point helps preserve your organization’s investment in current systems by offering an open API for the seamless exchange of information. Your organization can continue to use existing software and reap the compliant and consistent revenue capture capabilities of I/Point.

Audit Protection

I/Point’s algorithms are developed and managed by an experienced team of compliance experts. LYNX will stand behind its products in the event of a payer audit.

Performance Monitoring

LYNX performance monitoring is peerless in the healthcare industry. While many vendors offer a reporting package with their solution, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing performance monitoring BEFORE and AFTER the sale.


1.   Offered as an optional component