Revenue Management

Retain revenue, strengthen compliance and breathe easier

With the advent of recovery audit contractors (RAC), the landscape of reimbursement regulation has changed. Not only do organizations risk not valuing their services in a consistent manner, but there is a perpetual concern about being compliant with payer guidelines. Defensible and appropriate charging are key components of effective revenue management, which in turn is the foundation of every hospital’s financial health.

The LYNX revenue management solutions help healthcare facilities build a consistent and comprehensive charging strategy across all outpatient care operations – the emergency department, infusion and oncology treatment centers and hospital-owned clinics. Services like LYNX performance monitoring quantify the value of a proposed solution with analytic reports that have 95% accuracy to predict the post-implementation visit-level distributions.

LYNX revenue management solutions bring the power of financial certainty into a world where the norm has become change, uncertainty and doubt.