OR Manager

Supporting every step of the perioperative process

Picis OR Manager, a comprehensive operating room management system, provides the necessary data to improve throughput, maximize resources, help clinicians upgrade quality of care and analyze the costs of delivering care. The system combines unparalleled multi-facility functionality, scalability and integration to help healthcare facilities gain a competitive advantage. OR Manager provides:

Surgical scheduling – Combines superior multi-facility features with flexible local and remote scheduling tools to maximize operating room time, increase the accuracy and stability of schedules and better utilize resources
Perioperative documentation – Provides comprehensive, flexible online perioperative nurse charting including client-defined documentation screens to support clinical workflow: supports AORN PNDS3 (Syntegrity™ Standardized Perioperative Framework)
Content Library – Provides a comprehensive set of recommended documentation practices, eliminating the need to interpret surgical services regulations
Analytics and reporting – Web-based Quality Reporting Portal automatically creates quality measures reports for regulatory agencies, transforming the laborious collection of data and regulatory analysis into a simple task
Tissue management – Captures the data necessary to meet Joint Commission regulatory requirements within a single application.
Supply chain management – Tracks supplies, updates preference cards, simplifies billing and inventory control, significantly reduces waste and helps pinpoint actual costs of surgical care 
Revenue management – Integrates charges generated during the perioperative process, calculates charges for an entire perioperative stay, transmits supply use, OR time, procedures, equipment, staffing and other data directly to a hospital’s billing system, reducing lost charges and improving accuracy and timeliness of patient charges for significant ROI