Clinical Performance: Focusing on health care’s most mission-critical challenges

Seismic shifts in the health care landscape

Uncertainty abounds: anticipation of an influx of newly-insured patients under health care reform; an aging patient population with increasingly complex medical needs; new and evolving care models, such as accountable care organizations (ACOs); and growing patient volumes in high-acuity care areas. All these influences place greater pressures on hospitals to provide quality care in a financially sustainable way. In response to these and other pressures, and in order to maintain high standards of care and optimal financial performance, hospitals must implement and adopt new technology while minimizing drastic changes in workflows and processes and protecting scarce investments of time and resources.

Improving clinical performance

Optum’s addressed these challenges with a complete set of solutions for the increasingly connected health care enterprise.

  • Comprehensive clinical and financial solutions for the high-acuity care areas of hospitals that not only demonstrate “meaningful use” but are intuitive enough to be used by busy clinicians in a meaningful way
  • Medical necessity documentation and services that support compliance
  • Outpatient coding and charging solutions for consistency across hospital-owned outpatient settings (emergency department and hospital-owned clinics)
  • Ambulatory solutions tied tightly to affiliated hospitals and available through rapid, cloud-base implementation
  • Tools and services for connectivity and interoperability between providers, health systems, and disparate technology platforms. In particular, industry-leading health information exchange (HIE) tools and services to tie together communities of providers and care settings

In addition to the Picis high-acuity solutions, Optum Clinical Performance Solutions address these challenges with a complete set of solutions for the increasingly connected health care enterprise: