TouchPoint ED

Taking control of hospital interfaces

Interoperability between disparate information systems is an ongoing challenge faced by hospitals today. This is further complicated by many factors including limited resources to establish and maintain interfaces, the number of interfaces needed to be supported within the hospital network and the lack of tools to help effectively manage the process enterprise-wide.

Picis TouchPoint ED® provides hospital IT departments the ability to use fewer and less expensive resources to set up and maintain these interfaces. As TouchPoint ED is part of the web-native Picis ED PulseCheck®, it can be accessed securely from any computer connected to the hospital’s intranet.

TouchPoint ED works seamlessly with a hospital’s existing interfaces. The administration tool allows users to view the status of all inbound interfaces while the log reporting capability allows users to drill down into individual data exchange components. This provides the ability to make modifications to new or changed data that is being passed to ED PulseCheck as third party systems are updated.

User interfaces that allow data mapping, HL7 verification, and log queries enable quicker configuration and testing, ensuring that ED PulseCheck implementations are kept on schedule.