ED PulseCheck Outpatient Charging Solutions

Helping EDs improve charge capture management and ensure charging for all care provided

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations must take the emergency department (ED) into consideration as a core part of their business strategy. Not only do organizations risk not charging for ED services provided, but they also risk charging in an inconsistent and non-compliant manner that may lead to costly audits and pay-backs. Emergency departments lose significant amounts of potential revenue due to services being undocumented and unbilled.   

Picis ED PulseCheck® offers solutions to help hospitals better manage their outpatient charge capture, and realize significant revenue for their facilities.   

AutoCharge ED Facility  — provides improved capture of facility procedure charges via appropriate and compliant documentation to trigger CPT code assignments tied to nursing documentation    

AutoCharge ED Professional  — offers improved documentation and automatic capture of CPT codes and charges tied to physician documentation


Optum™ LYNX ED Charging application  — integrates with ED PulseCheck, Optum™ LYNX ED Charging Application (formerly LYNX E/Point) captures facility procedure charges, captures and calculates injection and infusion charges, and calculates the facility visit level charges for the entire patient encounter.