InSight ED

Advanced decision support for a high-performance ED

InSight ED® packaged in Picis ED PulseCheck®, sends notifications to clinicians and administrators during patient documentation to help clinicians provide better department management, proactive patient care and as a result, increase charge capture.Capture events for core measures reporting. Receive notification when the ED is moments away from diversion. Receive clinical documentation reminders during the documentation of high-risk patients.

InSight ED includes:

  • Department Rules including content that helps managers and administrators manage a busy emergency department. Examples include:
    • When the number of patients in the waiting room surpasses a defined number
    • When the average lab result turnaround time exceeds established time thresholds
    • Operational Rules help clinicians improve documentation and reimbursement for patient care. Examples include:
      • Notification of patients that meet Core Measures and PQRI criteria 
      • Improved compliance with core measure documentation at time of care
      • Your Rules help build reminders for staff on anything from clinical protocols to consideration of a patient for research. Examples include:
        • Receive reminders for documentation and notification on questions pre-discharge
        • Receive reportable content to determine staff compliance with suggested actions  

        The Sullivan Group (TSG) Clinical Rules are based on 12 years of extensive clinical evidence, and provide rules for notification in high-risk areas of clinical care. The TSG clinical rules scan for information associated with high degrees of patient risk that may not have been considered by the clinicians yet may be key to helping accurately diagnose and/or treat an ED patient’s condition.