Emergency Department

ED PulseCheck – a high-performance emergency department electronic medical record system

The emergency department (ED) is the front door of the hospital. Studies show that more than 50 percent of hospital admissions come through the ED and at least 45 percent of all hospital revenues come from patients admitted through the ED. In fact, ED inpatients typically comprise 72 percent of a hospital’s intensive care days, 67 percent of inpatient lab tests and 57 percent of inpatient days. It is therefore critical for hospitals and providers to improve the quality of care delivered in the ED through increased sharing of patient documentation across both the internal and external care continuum, resulting in a significantly enhanced patient experience. 

Picis is the leader in ED solutions installed in over 1,500 facilities and helping automate 39 million ED visits per year. Picis ED PulseCheck® is helping more than 280 hospitals address their unique ED-driven clinical documentation, operational and financial needs, achieving and maintaining excellence in patient care and creating unparalleled value in these institutions. As a result of ED PulseCheck, hospital leadership is able to realize the full potential of the ED and hence the full revenue, quality and clinician potential of the hospital.

Picis ED PulseCheck customers include:

  • Dameron Hospital
  • Erlanger Health System
  • Riverside Health System 
  • Tuomey Healthcare System 
  • Mayo Foundation
  • Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Scottsdale Healthcare
  • St. Mary Medical Center Langhorne

Picis ED PulseCheck defines five critical elements of a high-performance emergency department electronic medical record (ED EMR) system:

  1. Complete clinical documentation and advanced clinical decision support
  2. Integrated charge capture documentation
  3. Seamless interoperability, improved quality of information and sharing of patient data within the hospital and with the HIE
  4. Integrated visibility and tracking of hospital resources and metrics tied to performance goals
  5. ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use

ED PulseCheck helps emergency departments drive clinical excellence through documentation and fiscal sustainability in the short and long term. This heightened performance benefits not only the ED itself but also the health system and the external community it serves.