InSight Critical Care

Timely notifications of important changes in patient data

InSight Critical Care®, a decision support tool that works with Picis Critical Care Manager, enables the creation of rules based on clinician-defined criteria. When the defined criteria are met, InSight Critical Care sends a notification to intensivists and clinicians that need to know — by pager, by e-mail and with on-screen notifications. InSight Critical Care is always running, delivering information where and when it’s needed. InSight can be easily configured to meet the needs of a given healthcare entity.   

InSight Critical Care was designed by clinicians, so creating each rule is intuitive. Hospitals create their own rules using a natural language format, drawing from fields within Critical Care Manager, such as physiologic variables, fluid totals, lab results and patient demographics. With extensive documentation and comprehensive support, Picis helps get you up and running fast.

InSight Critical Care provides:

  • Configurable to meet your specific needs
  • Facilitates notification of changes in patient information
  • Helps improve clinician efficiency
  • Assists research studies
  • Helps provides advanced decision support for busy clinicians