eView for Critical Care Manager

Convenient web-based access to ICU results

Intensivists and clinicians responsible for the care of critically ill patients cannot always be at a patient’s bedside, yet they still need the ability to access the often voluminous amounts of patient data being generated hour by hour in the ICU. Picis eView for Critical Care Manager™ uses web-based technology to provide improved accessibility and extended availability of patient information to intensivists and clinicians beyond the bedside, to help them more efficiently provide quality care to a greater number of patients.

eView summarizes data such as patient physiological trends or lab results to help support the course of clinical care at any moment in time, and from any location. When more detailed patient data is needed, clinicians can easily drill down to obtain a comprehensive patient summary presented in an easily readable display.

eView for Critical Care Manager provides:

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Easy-to-deploy server-based, thin client technology
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Configurable threshold settings displayed discretely and in a trend
  • Automatic refresh of views
  • Aggregated view of a population of patients admitted to one or more ICUs
  • Notification of new lab results