Demand More

General-purpose solutions are not effective in high-acuity care. With its fast pace, complex and rapidly changing care regimens, unique workflows and mountains of diverse clinical data, high acuity requires specialization. Going forward, demonstration of meaningful use of healthcare information technology (HIT), as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery ACT (ARRA) of 2009, effectively drives a portion of your hospital’s reimbursement from CMS. You need a specialist who not only understands the unique workflows and processes in the ED, OR, PACU and ICU but who can also help provide the rich clinical data that will define quality and shape reimbursement.

Picis provides comprehensive solutions that automate clinical documentation and business practices in the ED, OR and ICU. Unlike hospital enterprise vendors, we focus exclusively on optimizing every aspect of high-acuity care. As a clinician, you know that high acuity is the most demanding environment in the hospital. That’s why it makes sense to demand a solution with the functionality, depth and flexibility you need to succeed.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians

Developed by clinicians and specialists in high-acuity care, Picis software and services deliver the precise information you need to achieve the best clinical outcomes. Proven in more than 2,300 hospitals worldwide, Picis offers clinicians:

  • Increased efficiency. Picis reduces the amount of manual documentation by automating data collection from a wide variety of medical devices and integrating this data with online patient flowsheets. The result: physicians and nurses have more time to spend with patients.
  • Patient safety: Picis high-acuity products are designed to facilitate clinical intervention by providing on-the-spot access to the latest information and to hospital care protocols and best practices.
  • Enhanced data sharing. With Picis, a complete electronic high-acuity record spans the ED, ORs, recovery rooms and ICUs. This ensures that clinicians have all the information they need to provide quality care at all times.