Decreased time to competency with a “learn by doing” approach

Picis offers training courses and documentation for all of Picis' product lines. All Picis training classes are taught by experienced staff. In addition to possessing a thorough knowledge of its systems, Picis trainers are intimately familiar with today's hospital environment. Courses are designed to provide the experience and practical application knowledge necessary to make the most of a hospital’s Picis system.
Picis believes in a "learn by doing" approach. Courses focus on understanding Picis products by utilizing the software in "real-world" scenarios. This approach teaches the implications of daily decision making, in a risk-free environment. As a result, users are comfortable to make mistakes, and learn from them. Allowing people to make mistakes during training significantly decreases the time to competency and increases the meaningfulness of the training experience.

Training events are provided at Picis offices, on-site or virtually depending on the course. Streamlined content design presents information in the way most adult learners work best: less text with more graphics, videos and interactivity. Picis also believes in active knowledge transfer; members of the Picis team work alongside the hospital team during all phases of implementation to ensure the hospital staff masters the Picis system. Picis provides its customers with the expert product and industry knowledge to ensure the return on investment of their selection of Picis products.

To access product documentation and training courses go to the Picis user community website.