Revenue Management

“Just weeks after implementation across our 21 facilities, Picis LYNX E/Point enabled us to increase net revenue by nearly $9 million by improving charging accuracy, efficiency and compliance,” said Reggie Allen, RN BSN system director, quality and clinical operations at CHRISTUS Health. “Like Picis, we believe in implementing technologies that merge clinical and financial operations of our hospital – and most significantly, in the ED, where the cost and care is most intense.”

Reggie Allen, MBA RN
System director, quality and clinical operations

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“We are piloting a project for Carebridge™ that’s being driven by the clinicians to see whether or not we can achieve a win-win-win. Not only can we improve medical documentation on medical necessity for patients admitted through the Emergency Department, but potentially we’ll protect the revenue stream, and decrease chances of successful RAC audits. And most importantly for the patients, with better documentation of conversations that are occurring between the ED providers and the admitting physicians specifically regarding what has happened and the plan of care, the better transition those patients will have from the Emergency Department to the in-patient world, which is where we know, the biggest problems occur during handoffs. So if we can improve the communication, the medical quality, and potentially finances for both the hospital and perhaps even the physicians, that’s a really nice win across the board for everybody. “

Justin Chang, MD
Exempla Health System

“We struggled for several years with ED systems, but our staff is more comfortable with the LYNX solution. We have confidence that LYNX E/Point conforms to Medicare rules and gives us credit for the proper patient acuity. Our IT staff was very pleased that LYNX followed an organized project plan for implementation and stayed on schedule.”

Mark Compton, CFO
Laughlin Memorial Hospital

“After three months our E/M level assignment bell curve is now shaping out the way it’s supposed to.”

Craig Serr
Emergency and Trauma Center Department Assistant Director
Medcenter One

Riverside Regional Medical Center, a Picis ED PulseCheck™ client, experienced a dramatic increase in revenue by adding Picis LYNX E/Point®. With its complex patient population, Riverside needed to make sure it correctly charged and coded for care. After E/Point was implemented, gross patient revenue increased by $9 million. “I thought the improvement would be significant, but this far exceeded my expectations.”

Renee Rountree
vice president of trauma and emergency services
Riverside Regional Medical Center