Perioperative Services

“Picis has reduced redundant charting. The anesthesiologist spends the whole time with the patient, not trying to capture documentation.”

Melody States, director of surgical services
Camino Medical Group Surgi-Center

“The work we’ve done using the data presented in SmarTrack and in the Perioperative Dashboard, looking at particularly delayed starts, we’ve managed to save a huge amount of time in just two months by very simple measures. We’ve managed to save roughly the equivalent of a whole operating theatre working for a five day week. If we use that time to treat patients, wait times come down, our activity is more efficient, and we can avoid doing additional waiting list work off hours, at the weekends when the costs are higher.”  

William Jewsbury, MD
Frimley Park Hospital, NHS Trust

Download case study - Theatre suites utilisation improved by 5% within months
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Watch video - Improved throughput


“The Picis software is already making a significant difference to operat¬ing theatre utilisation, and it’s also helping us to learn from what we do and helping us improve the service we deliver to patients. Thus it’s delivering on both of its promises, helping us to boost efficiency and performance, and driving up our standards of care. Of all the computer applications we’ve implemented here at Frimley Park Hospital, this has been the most successful.”  

Andrew Morris
Chief Executive of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 1991

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“The use of SmarTrack and the underlying Picis database “helps everyone in the OR synchronize and prioritize what they need to do next — things don’t get out of order,” says Dr Geoff Hui, anesthesiologist, Group Health. “I don’t waste energy and time running into different rooms to get updates. I can be very present and really focused on my patients.”

Geoff Hui, MD
Group Health
“Compared with the written record, the electronic record both saves time and facilitates more complete, more legible, and more accurate charting. As a result compliance is much better among all of our physicians.”

James Oleksa, M.D.
Sentara Healthcare