Emergency Department

Inova Fair Oaks is the first hospital in the Inova Health network to convert its ED to Picis' electronic documentation system, a move that radically streamlines the management of 42,000 emergency cases annually and the countless reams of paper they generated. Eliminating heft and hassle are just two of the goals. "The difference (with Picis) is like night and day."

Douglas Smith, MD
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
Emergency Care Gets Online Boost at Inova

Riverside Regional Medical Center, a Picis ED PulseCheck™ client, experienced a dramatic increase in revenue by adding Picis LYNX E/Point®. With its complex patient population, Riverside needed to make sure it correctly charged and coded for care. After E/Point was implemented, gross patient revenue increased by $9 million. “I thought the improvement would be significant, but this far exceeded my expectations.”

Renee Rountree
vice president of trauma and emergency services
Riverside Regional Medical Center

“Our emergency department had an initial return on investment in six months by saving $175,000 in coding and dictation costs a year when we reassigned our five member dictation team to other departments. Plus, when we began capturing charge data electronically at the point of care, we doubled our capture of charges monthly from $800,000 to $1.6 million. This also helps reduce denials for reimbursement and allows us to bill payers faster.”

Matt Bouchard, MD
Altoona Regional Health System
ED on Track With IT

“When we came up live we finally had the tools to analyze how we were doing things and that’s when our process improvement really started. Before when you are on paper, it is very difficult to measure. This allowed us to see what we were doing real time.”

Marian Moran
Pocono Medical Center
The Waiting Room is Closed

Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver had struggled for years to implement an EMR that met its needs and integrated with its existing MEDITECH HIS and Kaiser Permanente's Epic ambulatory EMR system. They implemented Picis ED PulseCheck® and found the benefits were immediate: instant access to patient information; a decrease in lost clinical information and duplicate testing; improved charging; and interoperability – ED doctors can access a patient's outpatient and inpatient clinical record, enabling them to accurately and efficiently treat patients.

Justin Chang, MD

Exempla Health System