Critical Care

“Being able to access Picis either from an office or from a desktop somewhere or even from home is a big hook for quite busy professionals who may not have time during the normal working day to look at what’s coming up in the rest of the week.”  

William Jewsbury, MD
Consultant Anaesthetist & Lead Clinician for Critical Care
Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

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“The Picis software is already making a significant difference to operat¬ing theatre utilisation, and it’s also helping us to learn from what we do and helping us improve the service we deliver to patients. Thus it’s delivering on both of its promises, helping us to boost efficiency and performance, and driving up our standards of care. Of all the computer applications we’ve implemented here at Frimley Park Hospital, this has been the most successful.”  

Andrew Morris
Chief Executive of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 1991

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“Automated critical care systems are central to helping clinicians improve patient care. By allowing clinicians to view all patients and trends in a single snapshot and provide quick access to lab results, Picis helps hospitals to increase the efficiency of their critical care departments as well as optimize their documentation.” 

Joaquin Alvarez, MD, Chief of Intensive Care
Fuenlabrada University Hospital, Spain
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“We are a Level C unit (more complex ICU patients) and cannot work on this scale without the requirement of an information system with the Picis characteristics.”

Hugo Côrte-Real, MD
Santa Maria Hospital, Portugal
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Because of the extensive integration the Picis solution provides, physicians enter orders in VistA during their rounds while reviewing a patient’s course rather than having to wait until the end of rounds or having to leave rounds to enter a patient order. “I definitely believe that having all of this information at your fingertips during rounds helps physicians make patient care more efficient and more accurate.”

Edward Bertaccini, MD
V.A. Palo Alto Medical Center
A Victory for ICU Safety