Helping to drive clinical and operational excellence

Helping to drive clinical excellence, fiscal sustainability, and facilitate better quality of patient care across the care continuum

Important new enhancements to Picis ED PulseCheck® now include:

Track Patient Problems for Meaningful Use
— Maintain an up-to-date problem list of current and active patient diagnoses and transmit data to and from external sources in both continuity of care documents (CCDs) and continuity of care records (CCRs), keeping patient information current and more accurate on both internal and external systems 

Operational dashboards for easy, continuous performance tracking — Provide at-a-glance user-customizable views of ED performance on key metrics, define and track quality, clinical, and operational key performance metrics and easily track and report trends against pre-determined goals

A head-start on ICD-10 —  Attach either ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes to complaints, data capture and reports, display what codes users are using, ensure smooth transition to new coding and enable consistent and accurate charge capture Learn more                

Improved easy-to-use clinician workflow — Enhancements that boost clinician access to patient records and positively impact usability and clinician workflow Learn more                

    Benefits of these new ED PulseCheck enhancements include:

    • Patients are put at the center of care by enabling clinicians to easily view, create and change patient records, and effortlessly share patient records across the care continuum
    • Timely patient triage and disposition of patients out of the ED reduces bottlenecks and measurably improves patient throughput
    • Robust functionality and interoperability enables ED personnel to keep up with the demands of additional regulations and a changing, more unified care system
    • Hospital leadership chooses which data points within the ED they want to evaluate, and in what formats they prefer them to be displayed and reported
    • Comprehensive charge capture and coding functionality within ED PulseCheck enables the ED to become fiscally beneficial while improving contributions to the health system as a whole

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      Picis ED Operational Dashboard
      Product Sheet
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      Scottsdale Healthcare Case Study Scottsdale Healthcare Case Study  Enabling a systematic approach to achieve key patient care priorities in all of their EDs

      Video - client benefits

      Dr. Michael Westcott

      Specifically designed for ED workflow
      Dr. Michael Westcott, CMIO,
      Alegent Health, Omaha, NE

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      Charles Kunkle Specialty ED EMR increases
      workflow efficiencies
      Charles Kunkle, RN, Director of Emergency Services 

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